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New Books and DVDs for Kids & Teens

9780307974884_p0_v1_s114x166-1.jpgFrom the Dragon Keepers' Vault: Leandra and Obsidian
by Kate Klimo

Leandra and Obsidian are two dragons who live in the side of a mountain during the days of the Gold Rush. The local native worshipped the dragons’ home and left deer for them once a month, believing them to be fire-breathing spirits. Then a man, George Skinner, comes to kill them. Leandra lays three eggs which the dragons must protect and thus the story of the Dragon Keepers begins.

Only in ebook form, this short story gives background information for the Dragon Keepers’ series. Follow the adventures of Jesse and Daisy (the Dragon Keepers) and Emmy (their dragon) as she is hatched and grows.

Readers who like the Magic Tree House books would probably like this series. The books in the series (which the library has)  are:  The Dragon in the Sock Drawer, The Dragon in the Driveway, The Dragon in the Library, The Dragon in the Volcano, The Dragon in the Sea, and The Dragon at the North Pole (to be released in September, 2013). Also most of these books are available as ebooks from (This series is not to be confused with a series of the same name for adults by Bruce Goldwell.)Case of Lost Boy

Book/Ebook Review for Elementary School Readers
The Case of the Lost Boy by Dori Hillestad Butler

King is a golden retriever who has lost his family. The mom is in the National Guard and the dad and Kayla have gone to Grandma’s. King was boarded, but then wound up in the Pound. He wonders how he can get out and find his family. A boy named Connor and his mom adopt him and name him Buddy. They live in his old neighborhood. Buddy (aka King) tries to figure out where his family is when Connor disappears. Now he has a new mysteCase of Muttsry to solve—where is Connor? This is Book 1 of The Buddy Files series. 

Book 2 is The Case of the Mixed-Up Mutts in which Buddy learns his former home is for rent and helps two dogs get back to their owners. He learns about a tornado in Grandma’s town and worries about his people.Case of Family

The Case of the Missing Family is Book 3 and Buddy hitches a ride to try to find Kayla.

The fourth book is The Case of the Fire Alarm. Buddy is back with Connor Case of Fire Alarmand his mom. He is going to be a therapy dog at Four Lakes Elementary School where Mom is the principal. Someone pulls the fire alarm at the school and Connor has to solve the case.

The Case of the Library Monster is book 5. While Buddy is being read to in Case of Monsterthe school library, he smells something he’s never smelled before. While he is investigating, he meets this creature with a blue tongue. Cat with No Name tells him and Mouse what it was, but they didn’t believe it was the truth.

FoCase of School Ghostur Lakes Elementary School is supposedly haunted by a fourth grade girl. Buddy investigates in The Case of the School Ghost. The fourth graders are having a sleepover at the school. Buddy thinks they’ve all gone crazy. Is there a ghost at the party too?

All of The Buddy Files are told by Buddy. These are good chapter books for emerging readers or just fun stories for anyone. They are available at the library or on the ebook website

Ebook Review for Jr. High and up
Swipe by Evan Angler

What if you had to have a Mark—a government tattoo—to have a job, buy anything, ride a train, etc.? In the future, North America is a wasteland with only three major cities due to famine and global war. It is known as A.U. or the American Union. When children turn 13, they can get the Mark (a tattoo that can be swiped) that allows them to buy and do things in society, such as get jobs and medical care for themselves. They become citizens of the Union. Those who choose to remain Markless cannot. Logan is about to turn 13 but isn’t sure he wants the Mark because his sister Lily never came back when she went to get hers. Will he choose the Mark? Or will he join the Dust—a group of Markless people? The series continues with Sneak, Storm, and Spark (to be released in Nov., 2013.

The Darkness AfterEbook Review for Young Adults
The Darkness After by Scott B. Williams

Surviving after a major solar flare causes an electromagnetic pulse and takes out most electrical devices is not easy as Mitch Henley discovers as he is returning from taking his parents to the airport in New Orleans. Fortunately, his dad is a game warden and Mitch is an avid bow hunter and survivalist. He meets April Gibbs, who has some serious martial arts skills that her dad taught her. She is trying to get to Hattiesburg, MS where her infant daughter and fiancée are waiting. They team up after April is attacked by three men. April is driving her fiancée’s antique Mustang—it doesn’t have an electronic ignition. All goes well until they are stopped at a roadblock and the car is confiscated. They must continue on foot. The mission to get April’s daughter gets sidetracked when Mitch’s sister and friend are being held by a group of men. Will they be able save everybody?Absent

Ebook Review for Teen Readers
Absent by Katie Williams

Paige Wheeler falls from the roof of the high school during a physics class experiment and is killed. She was seventeen when she died. As a ghost she is bound to the school and meets two other ghosts, Brooke and Evan. Upset about the rumors that she jumped off the roof on purpose, she sets out to fix the rumors. She finds that if people think of her, she can slip inside them and control them. Can she stop the rumors? Will she be able to find out exactly what happened to her?

New DVDs in the Library

42 (The Story of Jackie Robinson)
Rise of the Turtles (TMNT)
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
Adventures in Lalaloopsy Land
LEGO Batman: The Movie