St. Elmo Public Library District

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May 11, 2017 Minutes

St. Elmo Public Library District

311 W. Cumberland Road

St. Elmo, IL  62458

Board Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2017

Present: Koberlein, Wegscheid, Crawford, Denton, Kamnick, Arnold, Director Karnes.

Guests: Wayne Moran, JoAn Evans.


The library board meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President Koberlein.

The minutes of the April 13th meeting were read and approved (see attached).

Motion by Wegscheid, seconded by Crawford, to approve and pay the bills. Motion carried.

Wayne Moran said that the computers at the St. Elmo and Brownstown libraries are now updated and on Windows 10. He still has to do the computers at the Beecher City Branch Library. He also suggested using the Facebook Boost on the library Facebook page for advertising the summer reading program. He will help Director Karnes set this up. Motion by Arnold, seconded by Wegscheid to do a trial run of this for up to $50.00. Motion carried.  He also suggested making labels for the computers reminding patrons to log out when they are done using computers.

At St. Elmo Library the new furnace and air conditioner were installed for the back part of the library. The bill was from Culbertsons for $8700.00. It was approved to pay this.

Director Karnes is collecting donations for the summer reading program. Also they are running low on colibri covers. President Koberlein will forward her the emails from the company that supplies these, so she can order them. Director Karnes will order new chairs to replace the ones in the back room at the computers. These are $62.00 each.

President Koberlein read the bids for a new roof on the front part of St. Elmo Library. They were from Westendorf and Midstate Construction. This will be tabled until Koberlein speaks with them to be sure all work required will be done and also at prevailing wages.

At Beecher City Branch Library, JoAn Evans and Allison Buzzard passed out fliers for the summer reading program at the school. She is also collecting donations for prizes. Seven patrons attended the book club. Thirty-two children attended the Kids Club.

The board approved Cathy Arnold to sign checks for the Beecher City checkbook- Eagle Scouts. JoAn will hire a painter to repaint the walls at the library. She also wants to use the bouncy house at the library on July 17th.  JoAn said the high school community service is going to help with the summer reading program.

At Brownstown Branch Library the bid for replacing the awning is $1320.00. from Brownstown Lumber Co. This is tabled until President Koberlein can get a second bid.

Oath of Office were filled out by Arnold and Crawford. Hough was absent.

Motion by Crawford, seconded by Kamnick, to adopt Ordinance 2017-1 to set 2017-2018 meeting dates.

Koberlein      yes

Arnold        yes

Denton        yes

Kamnick       yes

Crawford       yes

Wegscheid      yes  Motion carried.

Motion by Kamnick, seconded by Arnold, to adopt Ordinance 2017-2 for paying Prevailing Wages.

Arnold       yes

Denton       yes

Kamnick      yes

Crawford      yes

Wegscheid    yes

Koberlein     yes    Motion carried.

Motion by Kamnick, seconded by Crawford, to set budget hearing at 7:00 p.m. on July 13, 2017, preceding the regular Board meeting. Motion carried.

President Koberlein said the non-resident fee would still be calculated by the tax-bill.

Motion by Kamnick, seconded by Denton, to adopt the Resolution to comply with the Government Travel Expense Control Act. As requested. Motion carried.

Motion by Wegscheid, seconded by Kamnick, to adjourn meeting at 8:33 p.m.